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Are you dealing with foot pain? At Happy Feet, you’ll find a wide variety of different types of shoe inserts. Since 1964, we’ve provided high quality products and services that have helped people just like you manage their foot pain, while living active, more healthful lives. We carry several different types of shoe inserts and our skilled team will customize your inserts to match your foot support and lifestyle needs.

Customized inserts

The rocker sole

Stable and unstable rockers

Rocker sole shoes provide great support for anyone dealing with foot pain. The heel and ball of your foot will receive a high level of protection from impact, even against hard surfaces such as concrete. If you’re suffering from arthritis or poor circulation, these shoes provide welcome relief, and even help promote good posture.

Which rocker is best for you? If you’re looking to increase your core muscle strength, an unstable Rocker sole shoe might be right for you. Unstable rockers force your body to adapt to the instability of your step—as your body corrects, your strength increases. Stable rockers give you much more stability and support, especially if you tend to over-pronate when you walk. Talk to the experts at Happy Feet to decide which rocker is best for you.




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