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When you live with diabetes, you know that you have to make a number of lifestyle changes, both large and small. Even something as simple as the right pair of socks can make a huge difference for your health. At Happy Feet, we offer a full range of diabetic and compression socks that will help you prevent injury and stay happy and healthy.

Prevent foot and leg injury

Diabetic and compression socks

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Diabetic socks from Happy Feet are non-binding and non-elasticated, designed to prevent constriction to the foot or leg. With compression socks, you can increase blood flow and valve effectiveness, helping prevent venous disorders.


Happy Feet is proud to carry JOBST brand compression and diabetic socks.

Don’t let diabetes prevent you from enjoying everything life has to offer. With diabetic socks from Happy Feet, you’re on your way to a happier, more healthful life. Call us or stop in today, and our dedicated staff will help you find the socks you need. You can also get diabetic shoes, inserts, and superior pedorthist services. Call us today for a free evaluation.



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