Feet Hurt?

Pain Relief.. Now!!


If you’re living with diabetes, you know that one of the more dangerous side effects is peripheral neuropathy. This condition makes it difficult to feel sensation in your feet, meaning that you might not realize when you’ve been injured, or developed an ulcer. With diabetic shoes from Happy Feet, you can avoid potentially life-changing foot injuries.


Prevent injuries

Specially designed diabetic shoes

Avoid painful complications

Our diabetic shoes come in extra and double depth sizes, with three or more widths available, meaning we’ll find the right shoe for you. If you’re also suffering from foot disease, we can specially design your shoe to reduce the risk of skin breakdown. Because so much is at stake when it comes to your diabetic shoes, we’ll always go the extra mile to help you.

Prevent complications like ulcers and calluses that can lead to amputations. Our diabetic shoes and custom molded inserts will help improve your mobility and protect your foot from injury. With our pedorthist services, you can get exactly the footwear you need. Call today for a free evaluation. You can also find a selection of diabetic socks for additional support.



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