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Foot problems affect every aspect of your life, making even the most basic functions difficult. When you’re dealing with the pain and discomfort that come from foot health issues, the experts at Happy Feet are here to help. Since 1964, we’ve helped people just like you deal with foot health, and given them the means to lead healthier, happier lives—with less suffering.


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Dealing with foot pain



Common problems

Diabetic foot care guidelines

  • Daily feet inspection: watch for cuts, bruises, blisters, swellness, etc.

  • Cleanliness: wash feet with lukewarm water daily and as necessary

  • Gentleness: use soft clothes and sponges and dry by patting or blotting.

  • Moisturizers: use plenty of moisturizers to keep skin healthy avoiding excess lotion to accumulate in between toes

  • Nail Trimming: keep toe nails cut straight across and file edges.

  • Corns and Calluses: visit your podiatric physician to have these removed and treated

  • Clean socks: make sure to wear fresh clean socks and change them on a daily basis. Use socks are ended by your pedorthist that are not tight or binding around toe area or ankle area. Use socks to bed if your feet get cold.

  • Inspect shoes before wearing: shake your shoes to make sure they are free of debris that could damage your feet

  • No barefoot walking: never walk barefoot. Protect your feet at all times to avoid stepping on something accidentally.

  • Diabetic health: monitor and keep blood sugar levels under control.

  • Exercise: have a consistent exercise routine using the appropriate shoes

  • No Smoking: do not smoke since it restricts the blood flow to your feel

  • Foot Exams: get at least an annual comprehensive foot exam from your podiatric physician.

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Calluses and Corns: Underlying bone problems can cause excessive irritation. Where shoes repeatedly rub, dead skin cells pile up, creating calluses on the bottom of the foot and corns on the toes.

Hammertoes: Produced by muscle imbalance which causes the end joints of one or two (or more) smaller toes to bend down, while the closer joints bend up. Another cause may be Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

Bunions: Painful when the bursa sac becomes inflamed from irritation caused by spreading of the fore foot, pronation, supination or imbalance.

Heel Pain/Plantar Faciitis: A chronic inflammation of the plantar fascia, a ligament-like structure that passes from the heel to the forefoot. The inflammation is caused by the fascia partially pulling away from the heel. A bony spur- which may or may not cause pain- can also develop here, caused by excessive heel rotation, excessive heel pounding, longitudinal arch weakness, and/or stretched plantar muscles.

Plantar Neuroma: A nerve growth that often accompanies metatarsalgia. It develops when the nerve between two metatarsal heads are pinched and bruised. Symptom: A burning numbness or electric shock sensation in the ball of the foot caused by tight shoes, repeated impacts or jolts to the forefoot or by dropped metatarsal arch.