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Our pedorthists on-site are medical professionals specializing in the use of footwear and supportive devices to address conditions affecting the feet and lower limbs. We work with a variety of people, from athletes to diabetics, to promote foot health, maximum mobility and comfort. Pedorthics is a broad and diverse field that encompasses practitioners who may work in hospitals or rehabilitation centers, pedorthic facilities, as shoe repairmen, shoe retailers, and may even be physicians.

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We will evaluate and document your condition, including gait and footware analysis, along with studying your range of motion and many health factors. Next we will formulate the treatment that works best for you, based on the evaluation of your condition. This could involve custom footwear or orthotics. Last, we will create a follow-up treatment plan that works best for you, documenting any functional changes or modifications.

At Happy Feet, we offer free foot screening by our pedorthists who are trained to evaluate your feet and suggest the right footwear for your daily activities and lifestyle. Based on your doctor’s diagnoses, we take the time to help you decide what the right footwear is for you. With our extra depth/therapeutic shoes for diabetics and using the right orthotic, we can help reduce your foot pain. We can also help you to prevent any future problems by suggesting what is best for your feet. Make an appointment with us today or stop in for a visit.