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From comfort shoes to quality orthotics and inserts, we have all the products you need to alleviate foot pain and improve your health.



Don't let diabetes slow you down. With the right diabetic footwear and diabetic socks, you can maintain your lifestyle.

You can get a free evaluation from our on-site pedorthist. We'll design the perfect shoe for your lifestyle and health needs.

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We carry Orthotics/Orthosis, shoe inserts and other orthopedic options. We have other orthopedic options available too and quality shoes. We are dedicated to helping you find relief from the chronic foot pain. We have several different products we carry to ensure that you can find shoes that will allow you to walk all day without suffering from foot pain. The human foot contains 26 different bones and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. What you are wearing on your feet today will impact the health of your feet in the future. Even more importantly, the footwear you choose can affect your ankles, knees, back and even neck. If you have been struggling with chronic back, neck or knee pain, call us to see how we can help you. The best fitting shoes must have a minimum of two widths. From comfort shoes to quality orthotics/orthosis inserts, we have the products you need to alleviate foot pain and improve your health. With the right footwear, you can find relief from heel pain, spurs, inflammation or mircroscopic tears of plantar fascia, hammertoes, sore ankles, poor posture, excessive supination, excessive pronation, calluses, bunions, postibial tendon dysfuntion, and plantar neuroma. If you are diabetic, our shoes/insoles can help you protect your feet from unnecessary injuries, and we can help with other chronic conditions.

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